RF Frontend Design
Synergos Design LLC offers its System Design expertise to help develop your new product. From concept through technology development, to demonstration unit design and evaluation. Our experience includes miniaturized wideband RF signal detection, Direction Finding (DF) and geolocation system design, wideband DRFMs, and sampling RF tuner-on-a-chip devices.
System Concept, Design, and Development
We can leverage our R&D experience in the area of extremely wideband RF receiver frontends and signal processing backend hardware for your project. Capabilities include novel microwave and millimeter wave RF tuner integrated circuit (RFIC) design using DoD Trusted Foundry processes.
Custom Test/Demonstration Board Design
Our custom test board designs include your novel circuit design, supported by high-speed A/D and D/A converters, onboard FPGA, and standard bus interfaces. Up to multi-GHz A/D and D/A conversion is supported by deep onboard memory, and PCI Express or other high-speed data interfaces. FPGA firmware and embedded microcontroller software codes are developed to operate the test board from an external PC.
Test and Evaluation
Synergos Design will also test your custom unit, either using your in-house test & measurement equipment or ours, and provide detailed test data reports. We will develop custom automated test software that controls your unit under test (UUT) and commercial programmable test equipment using National Instruments Labview or other specified software.
Direct die attachment for high frequency RFIC test board.
High frequency (40 GHz) RF test board with RFIC (under ceramic cover) fed by coplanar shielded traces.
RF test board with slot mounted custom RFIC die.
Dual 18-50, 50-100 GHz micro-
machined antenna (1.75" x 0.8").